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YardForce Revola - En robotgräsklippare utan slinga

A Robotic Lawnmower without Boundary wire

A new product release from SUMEC Hardware and Tools is the Revola Boundary Free Robotic Mower that uses several cutting-edge technologies to create virtual/visual boundaries through RTK (real-time kinematic positioning) and vSLAM (visual simultaneous localization and mapping).  When integrating these 2 technologies the robotic mower can work in yards that are open but still can have trees and brushes that would usually restrain RTK signal coverage. In combination with vSLAM, the robotic mower will still have stable navigation in areas where RTK signal is hampered. In the following blog post we will go more in depth in the features the Yard Force Revola attributes thus making the Revola series a very exciting product that can add great value to the end consumer with varied yard conditions.


Advanced Positioning and Navigation Technology using RTK allows the user to create a virtual boundary and obstacle no go zones using the Revola APP on their smart phone. The APP and robotic mower have several connection possibilities through 4G, WI-Fi, and Bluetooth and setting up the virtual map is easily done with a smart phone for both i-Phone and Android.  This becomes a major advantage compared to traditional ways of using boundary wire which is time consuming and prone to breakage over time.  Advanced Positioning and Navigation Technology cuts the the lawn in an effective manner and is significantly more effective compared to random pattern cutting techniques that is used by most robotic mowers on the market today.


Visual simultaneous localization and mapping (vSLAM), refers to the process of calculating the position and orientation of a camera, with respect to its surroundings, while simultaneously mapping the environment. This technology on the Revola works in synergy with APNT when the satellite signal is low or nonexistent. When obstacles and areas with multiple buildings and trees cause reduced signal contact between the robotic mower and the RTK device, the vSLAM is a great tool to aid in navigation and lets the mower carry on with cutting the lawn. vSLAM in that regard easily adapts to varying weather conditions.  Visual SLAM combines AI and 3D vision technologies to guarantee a superior performance.

RTK-antenn placerad på tak-gavel för att maximera anslutningens styrka


The Revola series is equipped with radar sensors (ultra sonic) that can detect unmarked obstacles from 30 to 60 cm away depending on preferred settings. Another sensor that the robot has is crash (obstacle) sensors.  Once the mower crashes into an object, it will back up and proceed to go around the obstacle. The Revolas lift sensor act in a similar way. When the robot is unexpectedly lifted, the cutting motor will stop immediately for safety reasons.  If the lift sensors are de-activeted in a short period of time when lifted, the Revola will back up and change course and avoid the area where the lift sensor was activated.  During rainfall, the Revolas rain sensor can be activated via the APP/display Interface and the robotic mower will go back to the charging base station. This function can be turned on and off and the end user can program how long the mower stays in the charging station before it makes another attempt to cut. Cutting times, cutting days can be programmed both through the APP and via the robots display interface.  The main menu on the display is activated once the PIN code is supplied. Steep incline is not an issue as the Revola can handle 40% incline due to its advanced IMU (inertial measurement unit) capabilities and advanced software programming. The Revola also has LED lighting which is useful when cutting the lawn in the evening.

SUMMARY – A Robotic Lawnmower without Boundary wire

The Revola vSLAM robot has the potential to be on the forefront of Boundary Free robotic mowers due to the product incorporating techniques and technological advancement that can enhance performance. At the same time the product remains user friendly with an easy-to-use APP. With all the technologies mentioned above the Revola will be able to adapt to different lawn circumstance and easily adapted both obstacles and terrain. YardForce Tools have produced robotic lawnmowers since 2014 and is a global leader in garden tooling and machinery. So keep an eye out in the future on our webshop, as we hope to have this robot in stock soon.

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