Hydroponic Cultivation

With hydroponic cultivation, you can grow all year round and always have fresh spices and vegetables in the kitchen.

When growing with hydroculture (water culture), you do not use soil, but instead nourish the plants directly through the water. This gives more powerful growth of the seedlings and allows you to get large harvest on a small surface.

The hydroponic cultivation boxes are a perfect way to go if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and grow organic vegetables at home. Instead of going to the store and buying sprayed tomatoes that have been transported far by truck, they are already in your kitchen when it's time to cook. Smooth, tasty and organic.

If you want to grow decorative plants instead, the vertical cultivation shelves are recommended where you can make nice flower arrangements that blend into the interior.

There are many aids when you want to grow indoors in a country like Sweden where we are not spoiled with sun for half of the year. Under our accessories you can find different types of lighting, heating mats, fans, nutrition and easy-to-grow seeds. You can either read up on the best possible way forward or you test your way to the best results!

If you want inspiration in hydroponic cultivation, you can go to our blog where we will advise on different systems you can build yourself at home or how you can use our ready-made boxes in creative ways.

We hope more people can discover this type of cultivation and, through hydroponic cultivation, make our society more sustainable. Let us know if you have any further questions or if there is something you are missing from the range.


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