Clippers 1200

The Clipper 1200 is a robotic lawnmower that was sold between 2014-2017 at Rusta. Since the mower is quite large, it best fits in larger gardens with few obstacles. The Clipper 1200 is a stable mower and uses a razor system that still provides among the best cutting results on the market to this day.
Robot guards have had the service for the Clipper 1200 since its inception and we continue to bring in spare parts for this popular machine even though it has stopped being manufactured.

Image of the grey robotic lawnmower Clipper1200.


  • Stable
  • Simple
  • Nice cut result
  • Climbs well


  • The electrodes must be cleaned frequently
  • Limited features
  • May get stuck in obstacles at low temperatures.

The disadvantages of the mower when it was launched have been addressed by manufacturing accessories for the mower, these are available from other spare parts. The Clipper 1200 used to have problems in hilly gardens in wet conditions, which is why we developed a rear wheel with larger studs, so that the mower got a better grip.

To minimize the maintenance of the charging electrodes on the mower, we have designed a grooved charging plate that is put over the old one. which means that every time the Clipper 1200 enters to charge, the grooved plates pull dirt from the mower's electrodes so that the mower has better contact with the charging plate.

If you have a Clipper 1200 that you need help with, just get in touch with us. Either on our email or on our helpline (0)723092989. If you need to order spare parts, you can do so through our webshop or contact us.

Image of the wheels of the robotic lawnmower Clipper1200.
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