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Find answers to the most frequent questions about the Ferrex R800 Easy+.

Restart your mower with the red main power switch located in the rear underside of the mower and place it back into the charging station. Let it remain there for about 10 minutes and then see if it has started.

If not, you may have a faulty charging station, transformer, motherboard, cable or battery. Test the charging station and transformer with a multimeter if possible, it should be round about 28V. Should it display a very low or no voltage, send your charging station and transformer in for repair or order a new one, otherwise send in the mower.

Alternatively send in the whole kit and we will test all parts for you.

When the mower is in the charging station the boundary signal is expected to shut off, however if it's flashing red when not charging and inside the boundary area, the mower signals it's outside of the boundary and the wire connections have been crossed. The mower always returns home counter clockwise, and the charging station must face it in the clockwise direction, meeting the mower. That is to say if you stand inside the boundary wire and look at the charging station, the charging stations rear should be to the left.

The boundary wire running underneath the charging station, coming in from the counter clockwise direction should be attached to the left attachment point behind the charging station. While the boundary wire coming in from behind the charging station in the clockwise direction should be attached to the right side.

For more information see: https://media1.robotgarden.se/installationsfilm.ferrex.mp4

Something may have gone wrong with the programming. Try the following steps in the exact order.

1. If the padlock button is flashing, press it and enter your PIN code(press the padlock 4 times if you haven't input your own pincode). The padlock button should now show no light indication, or the wrong pin code may have been entered.

2.  When the padlock button shows no light indication, choose how many hours you want the mower to operate per day by pressing one of the hour buttons. If you choose 8H, the mower will cut the lawn for 8 hours a day including charging time. When the hour button is lit and not flashing it has been chosen correctly, if it's flashing it's not set correctly.

3. Now press start and close the hatch.

The mower should now leave the charging station and cut for the amount of time you have chosen each day. That is to say if you press the 4H button at 08:00 AM the mower will start cutting at 08:00 AM every day for 4 hours including charging.

Should this not work, you can try disabling the rain sensor as some moisture may be preventing it from operating. To do this, turn off the mower with the red main power switch on the rear underside of the mower -> Press and hold down the 10H button while turning the mower on with the main switch again, keep holding it for about 5 seconds until you hear a long beep(ON) or multiple short beeps(OFF).

If it still doesn't work and your mower has remained in place to charge fully but won't leave the charging station, send it in to us for repair that we may test it thoroughly.

The mower may need calibrating. Turn the mower off with the red main power switch at the rear underside, and place it on a level surface. Press and hold the start/play button while starting the mower. Keep holding it until you hear multiple beeps. Now start the mower as per usual and make sure it's running.

If the cutting motor still won't start the cutting motor is likely faulty.

    1. Make sure your charging station displays a non flashing blue light on its front between the charging electrodes. If it's flashing red you may have a broken boundary circuit or the boundary isn't plugged in
    2. Ensure both the mower and the charging station are set to the same channel, for example. S1
    3. If you have a blue light between the charging electrodes, try disconnecting one of the boundary wires from the back of the charging station. It should now give a flashing red indication. If it's still blue, contact customer service at: info@robotgarden.se
    4. If the charging station is flashing in a magenta/purple light, the inner boundary of the baseplate or the charging station pcb may be broken, in which case you can send it in for repair, buy a new station, or attempt repairing it on your own with a new pcb.

If you reside in Sweden, send an email to info@robotgarden.se and we'll send you a shipping label.

The cost for a winterservice is 1400 SEK, with free shipping within Sweden.

Included in the winterservice is:

• Shipping to and from the workshop (within Sweden only)
• Cleaning of the robot and charging station
• Software update and various other updates
• Complete function analysis
• Maintenance charging of the battery
• Battery discharge test (to test quality state of battery)
• New knives and screws
• Circuit board tests and inspections
• Inspection of contacts and cables, sealed with contact silicone when necessary
• Resealing of the body, with new rubber seals
• Inspection of and lubricating the front wheel bearings
• Balancing of cutting blade disc if necessary
• Inspection of rear wheels, driving motors and cutting motor
• A testrun of all functions
• Winter storage (Returned to you in spring or at a date of your choosing)

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