Here you will find the most answers of your questions about how you repair your robotic lawnmower yourself. If you want us to do it for you, you can always send your mower to us. 

Bild på biltemas robotgräsklippare RM1000

Cleaning the stop button

If dirt has gotten into your stop button you may need to clean it for it to operate properly, this can lead to issues such as the mower not starting when you close the hatch. See more in the following video:


Replacing the rear wheel

If you need to replace the rear wheel, you can follow this video. It will cover the same steps, only in your case mounting the terrain kit won’t be necessary

Important to note is that once you affixed the new wheel, it needs to rest for about 24 hours so that the glue dries completely.

Replacing the signal box

If the mower moves with jerky movements or has trouble finding the signal, you may need to replace the signal box.

A new one can be found here:

If covered by warranty, send an email to

Repairing a height adjustment

Mounting a terrain kit

Replace the charging station PCB

If lightning strikes the boundary wire cable the pcb may get burned and will then need to be replaced. Order one here:

Then follow the instructions in the video on the right.



You may send your mower to us for winterservice as the cutting season is over. We usually recommend that a winter service is carried out once every two years. To send your mower in go here. Note that free shipping only applies within sweden.

If you instead want to do it yourself, you can watch this video:

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